The system is a home-brewed, heavily modified mash-up of the various D&D versions I’ve played over the years. The setting could be similarly described.

Students of Lorinel University, the premier school for adventurers, are often left with loans which must be repaid to the University for providing financial assistance with tuition, boarding, and required course materials. The method of repayment may vary according to the student, but often graduates are asked to serve as agents for the University, accepting contracts for various investigative missions. Spoils are typically granted to the alumni to pay for other needs, while each contract is assigned a monetary value to be applied directly to the loan upon successful completion. Greater or lesser success leads to greater or lesser repayment.

After successfully completing their prior contract, it wasn’t long before the next one came around. Early in the morning, a great light was seen on the western horizon, as if a new dawn were breaking – only a hundred times brighter, and in the wrong direction. A powerful wind then swept across the city, blasting open doors, extinguishing torches, and lasting more than a minute. It carried the scent of jasmine, which lingered for a time before slowly fading away. A new object now blazes upon the horizon: what appears to be a star, twinkling on the surface of the world. It’s bright enough to see during the day, and it provides a pale blue light all night long, illuminating the darkness yet not interfering with sleep.

Unsurprisingly, the party was called in by the office of the Dean, and given a new mission: to travel towards this light and discover what it is, and if possible, what caused it.

Settling Debts